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The Dusk Queen

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The Dusk Queen
Matron of Death
Deity information
TypePrime Deity
ProvinceDeath, Fate, Winter, Twilight, Inevitability
SymbolWhite, humanoid mask framed in black feathers
Holy dayReverence of the Spirits
Associated domainsDeath, Grave, Life, Twilight

The Dusk Queen is the goddess of death, fate, and winter. She is also considered to be the goddess of twilight and inevitability. She was originally a mortal woman in the Sundered Age, until she ascended to godhood and destroyed the previous god of death. Her true name was lost after her ascension. Worshipers seek her favor to guide them in death. She has a hatred of undeath.


Appearance #

The Dusk Queen is described as a tall and slender woman, with long black hair and pale skin. She wears a blank, porcelain mask.