Solarion, The Bright King

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Solarion, The Bright King is one of the Prime Deities. He is the god of light, justice, and war. The symbol associated with Solarion is a bright, six-pointed star. He is widely worshipped by the common folk, soldiers, and leaders. The holy day associated with him is Highsummer. Solarion loathes evil of any caliber, and wages war on those quick to do evil. Despite his hatred of evil, he is considered a compassionate deity.


Solarion appears as a kindly patriarch clad in silver and gold armor, his head a beacon of light and fire so bright that his face can barely be seen. Many statues in holy places use the Solarion’s head as a brazier, lit with each dawn and extinguished at dusk.


  • Stand as a paragon of honor and justice.
  • Be ever vigilant for evil. People are quick to forget the lessons of the past.
  • Defend the weak, bring freedom to the persecuted, and protect the ideals of justice and order.