Lliira, The Lady of Joy

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Lliira, The Lady of Joy is one of the Prime Deities. She is the goddess of song, joy, happiness, freedom and stories. Her symbol is a red, orange, and yellow star arranged in a triangle. She is worshiped by poets, musicians, any anyone who reveled in the wonder of a free, cheerful life. She is often considered as a sister to Solarion.


Lliira often appears as a young woman dancing out from the clouds. She has pure blue eyes, long golden hair that sometimes is streaked with colors of blue, pink, green, or silver. She is often seen wearing series of thin robes which artfully twirled and draped as she moved. A sparkling wake of winking lights trailed behind her as she danced.


  • Seize your own destiny and pursue your own passions.
  • Walk unbridled and untethered, forging new memories and experiences.
  • Live for the sake of living. There is always joy to be found.