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Welcome to Flore’s Worldbuilding Wiki>

Welcome to Flore’s Worldbuilding Wiki #

Welcome to the wiki for my newer content. My older stuff used to be up on XhoriaWiki, but ever since I was able to get my own site working, I felt like moving the newer content over to this site, instead of using the wiki that was originally supposed for just Xhoria.


Preface #

“Ever since I have played Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition with friends, I have been fascinated by the art of worldbuilding. I’ve designed and written about multiple worlds, most of them I personally now deem as insufficient or just kind of mediocre, mostly in comparison to what I am able to envision now.

Xhoria was one of the first worlds I wrote, which quickly got out of hand as I started to write wider and wider, as to creating some depth, leading to a huge backlog that drained my motivation. I wrote Eden, a short and small world focussed on a central idea, which was fun to explore. Now I am writing Halcyon, a world where I am primarily focussing on what I find fun in a fantasy world. Exploration, mystery, conflict, drama, etc.

As I have been able to spend more and more time thinking of my world and fleshing it out, sometimes completely changing fundamental things, I’ve grown to have a newfound appreciation for the craft of worldbuilding. It is a form of a creative outlet for myself, and I always find myself thinking of things to add, develop, write, etc. Sometimes these things will never get to see the light of day in a Dungeons and Dragons game, but I still like writing them.

This wiki serves as a source of information for both myself and others interested in my world of Halcyon. I hope to give a sense of wonder and adventure by just reading these articles. I’ve gone through many stages when writing and designing my worlds. I’ve gone from primarily focussing on the game to more or less giving more attention to the world, and having the game be a product of the world, not the other way around.”

- Tarun Johan “Flore” Lankhaar, November 2022.

Important Pages>

Important Pages #


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The Deities of Halcyon are divided into the Prime Deities, Traitor Gods, and other lesser powers. These lesser powers include archfey, fiends and celestials of near-divine power (including archdevils and demon lords), elder dragons, and other extremely powerful beings …
The Dusk Queen
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The Dusk Queen is the goddess of death, fate, and winter. She is also considered to be the goddess of twilight and inevitability. She was originally a mortal woman in the Sundered Age, until she ascended to godhood and destroyed the previous god of death. Her true name …
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Mallus is the god of craft, creation, fire and forge. He is widely worshiped among the Dwarves, and is seen as the patron deity of smiths, artisans, and miners. Appearance> Appearance # Mallus appears as a strong and muscled man with ash-colored skin. His eyes are fire …
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Titania is the goddess of beauty and the fey. She is widely worshiped among the Elves, as she created the first elves. Appearance> Appearance # Titania appears a woman with pale skin and pale pink eyes. She has her purple colored hair braided with white flowers, and …
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Aster is the god of light, justice, and war. He is widely worshipped by the common folk and soldiers. Appearance> Appearance # Aster appears as a gold-plated armored man with light brown skin. He is often shown as a strong and muscled man, wielding a shining sword of …
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Luna is the goddess of magic, mystery, and the moon. She is widely worshipped within Arcanist, Halfling, and Elven culture. Majora and Minora are widely associated with Luna, possibly as her creation. Majora would be her guiding light during the night, while the …
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Halcyon is a name given to the Prime Material Plane. It is where most of our adventures take place. It is a world where the lands are broken and scattered over the skies, floating above the open expanse of the Great Blue.
History of the World
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The precise origin of Halcyon is clouded in mystery. The only sources of information are old relics and ancient ruins and temples throughout the world, some information is gathered directly from the Gods themselves, but they speak rarely of the time before man.
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This wiki is meant for you to get a deeper understanding of the world of Halcyon, however it is important to mention that you should separate the knowledge you as a player gain from this wiki, and the knowledge your character has.
Important Information
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This wiki article explains some of the homebrew rules, variant rules, and other important things to mention about how I personally run my Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition games. Houserules> Houserules # Alternative Resurrection Rules> Alternative Resurrection …


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Turns out I made a wikilink to something that I haven’t created a page for yet! If you did want to learn more, feel free to ask me personally. Check back later for a real page though!