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Halcyon is a name given to the Prime Material Plane. It is where most of our adventures take place. It is a world where the lands are broken and scattered over the skies, floating above the open expanse of the Great Blue.
History of the World
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The precise origin of Halcyon is clouded in mystery. The only sources of information are old relics and ancient ruins and temples throughout the world, some information is gathered directly from the Gods themselves, but they speak rarely of the time before man.


Pantheon of Ae'thar: More Deities, Story, and Culture
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Ae’thar has been renamed to Halcyon in newer articles. So, last post was quite a long one. I think I’ve gotten a great start to my pantheon already. This article will flesh out the pantheon more by adding minor deities to fill some domains, add the ‘ one good story’, …
Pantheon of Ae'thar
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Ae’thar has been renamed to Halcyon in newer articles. Like I said in my last article, this article is going to be me trying to take the (arguably small amount of) knowledge I gained from writing that article and apply that to my new world of Ae’thar.
Pantheons and Religions
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As the first article on this blog of mine, I wanted to discuss the role that the deities, religions, and pantheons in your world plays, both in worldbuilding and your tabletop games.