As you can probably see from the website, I changed the look and feel of I personally felt like it needed a bit of a makeover (even if it had a makeover relatively recently). I just like this look better for my blogging needs.

It is kind of funny to think that before this post I made two posts, both saying “I’ll be back with new content soon!”, and then never making new content. Hopefully you’ll trust me on this one that this will be the final one.

It has been a year since my last “Update” post, and a lot has changed since then. Most of it happening in my personal life. As for TTRPGs, I am currently running one 5e game for online friends, and playing in both a 5e and a Pathfinder 2e game. Being a player is something I have not really had the pleasure of, so it is fun to play and see the game from the other side of the table. It as been a lot of fun.

My homebrew world of Ae’thar has been renamed to Halcyon, which is not reflected in the posts talking about Ae’thar. I specifically chose not to change the naming there since they were created in the time where I called the world that.

The site now also has a wiki, something that has been added on the wiki for about half a year now, but I have not yet given some serious attention to yet. I aim to make the wiki part of the site the main source of information when it comes to my homebrew world and the games I run.

Now for the articles I’m currently in the process of writing:

  • Learning from my Pantheon
  • The Maps of Halcyon
  • Other TTRPGs I’ve played

And a couple other ones I have in mind, but will flesh out at a later date.