It has been an absurdly long while since I posted anything on this site. Personally I’ve been very busy with my university study, next to writing and running my Dungeons & Dragons 5e game that I’m playing with several of my IRL friends.

I’ve been working more and more on the world of Ae’thar and it’s been really, really fun writing for it. I’m even slowly starting a different campaign based in a completely different portion of the world together with some friends on Discord.

That also brought me a lot more motivation to write on my blog again. It’s finally time for me to start working on the Wiki part of the site, and write a couple of articles on the different concepts I’ve been working with in Ae’thar. Here’s a couple of articles that I’m currently writing/working on:

  • About the history of Ae’thar
  • The importance of focus in worldbuilding
  • Writing my own calendar for Ae’thar
  • How the pantheon is doing now
  • Thoughts on other TTRPGs I’ve played

I’d be glad to continue posting on the blog for at least a while. I’m glad to be back.