About me and this blog

Hello! I’ve suddenly had the inspiration to start this blog. I want to use it to write down my thoughts and ideas about worldbuilding and different TTRPGs.

Who am I?

My name is Flore, a 22 year old man living in the Netherlands, who has been playing D&D for almost five years now. Most of that time has been as a DM. I’m a big fan of Critical Role, which has been my main inspiration for being a DM and creating my own worlds. I used to study Aerospace Engineering, but I have switched over to Computer Science in 2021.

Why make this blog?

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time creating a lot of different worlds, like my dark and gloomy world of Eden, and the much more fantastical world of Halcyon. They are distinct in tone and execution, and I want to share the experiences I have had with creating and playing in those worlds.

While I could talk to my friends about any decisions and thoughts I have about these things. I can’t really write entire blog posts to my friends. They’re not that engaged in my musings.

Some parts of this blog will be blocked out in white, only to be revealed when moused over. These blocks are parts of articles that I do want to talk about but can’t for specific individuals, like my players.

Test spoiler below.

So this is how a spoiler would look like in the blog. Don’t read it if its not for you.

I hope some people can get enjoyment out of my ideas and thoughts, how bad or insignificant they might be. :)