As you can probably see from the website, I changed the look and feel of I personally felt like it needed a bit of a makeover (even if it had a makeover relatively recently). I just like this look better for my blogging needs. It is kind of funny to think that before this post I made two posts, both saying “I’ll be back with new content soon!”, and then never making new content.
It has been an absurdly long while since I posted anything on this site. Personally I’ve been very busy with my university study, next to writing and running my Dungeons & Dragons 5e game that I’m playing with several of my IRL friends. I’ve been working more and more on the world of Ae’thar and it’s been really, really fun writing for it. I’m even slowly starting a different campaign based in a completely different portion of the world together with some friends on Discord.

Quick Little Update

Hey all! Quick little post here to let everyone that still reads this blog know that I’m working on a couple different articles right now. Most of them are about how I personally run games or prepare sessions, while others are more about some parts of worldbuilding I love fleshing out in my worlds. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on Ae’thar, and it’s been a blast, but I will return to writing articles on this blog soon.
So, last post was quite a long one. I think I’ve gotten a great start to my pantheon already. This article will flesh out the pantheon more by adding minor deities to fill some domains, add the ‘one good story’, and develop how the culture and actual religion in this world would be like. Even More Deities I looked at my current set of five deities and what domains they represent for clerics, and found out that we’re basically covering all of them (some even twice), besides Death, Grave, and Peace.
Like I said in my last article, this article is going to be me trying to take the (arguably small amount of) knowledge I gained from writing that article and apply that to my new world of Ae’thar. I want to see what kind of system I want to use and what I want to focus on, and maybe work out some cultures and religions as well. As not everyone knows what Ae’thar is, I’ll start by giving a small introduction to the world.
As the first article on this blog of mine, I wanted to discuss the role that the deities, religions, and pantheons in your world plays, both in worldbuilding and your tabletop games. I’m now figuring out the deities for my world of Ae’thar, and I wanted to share my thoughts about designing them in this article. Worldbuilding Deities Personally, I use deities and pantheons because I really have to, most TTRPGs kind of expects you to have them in your world.
Hello! I’ve suddenly had the inspiration to start this blog. I want to use it to write down my thoughts and ideas about worldbuilding and different TTRPGs. Who am I? My name is Flore, a 20 year old man living in the Netherlands, who has been playing D&D for almost four years now. Most of that time has been as a DM. I’m a big fan of Critical Role, which has been my main inspiration for being a DM, and creating my own worlds.